Sambrooke Family

Emma Sambrooke  (1848 1921)

Emma became my grandmother. She was trained as a nurse/governess and held a post as governess to the Borthwick family, and subsequently married one of the children, called Benjamin, of a blanket factory owner of Guiseley, called William Busfield.

Emma Busfield (nee Sambrooke)

Emma had two sisters and a brother.

Mary Sambrooke (1851-1921)

Mary became a nurse, and was Harry Cordon’s wife.

Georgina Sambrooke

Georgina, was also a nurse, who carried on the tradition of the Sambrooke’s itchy feet, and who emigrated to Australia in 1890, where she married an elderly sheep farmer. In 1910 she returned via the Continent and visited her sisters in Liverpool. Her gifts to me, her grandniece, were French dresses and a hat. I was four or five years old at the time, and the gift obviously made a deep impression on me.

Samuel Sambrooke

The    youngest child, Samuel travelled to Tibet and entered Lhasa before Sir T. Younghusband.